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David's Den: The COVID Edition Update - November 2020

Please subscribe to my Lohandfunk Tube channel on YouTube for lots of bass videos! And, check in with my Facebook and IG pages for upcoming swag and gear giveaways!! Lots of new music coming out in 2021. During this pandemic, I've been doing tracks with many artists including Walter Beasley, Tracy Cutler, James Cheeks, Antonio Parker and independent Japanese artist Mica Honma, as well as composing tracks with/for Peter White, Phil French, Kevin Jackson, Pieces Of A Dream and Jeanette Harris to name a few. I've also been working on my solo EP, Bass Meditations CD, and a brand new project called "Dyson". Coming soon, a new instructional course in the works called "Practice Groove Bass Concepts with David Dyson" specifically geared for bass players and drummers. Stay tuned!

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Bass Player - March 2002

"When MeShell NdegéOcello acknowledges that David Dyson's role is the hardest in t he band, Dyson is quick to agree. "MeShell is a per-fectionist, she can be intimidating, and if there's something she doesn't like, she'll let you know. Once you get to know how she thinks, though- and usually she thinks less is more - it's a lot easier." - David Dyson

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Bass Player - June 2007

"I RECENTLY ATTENDED THE BASS BASH, ONE OF those seven-incredible-bassists-in-one-evening concerts at the Winter NAMM show. Everyone was out-rageously good in his own way, but I was most transfixed by the jazz-funk of David Dyson. While his deep-grooving band pounded out a thumping beat, he let loose a two-minute s lap groove that left my mouth in a perfect "o." It didn't lack for pyrotechnics, but what floored me was how the rhythmic and melodic content of the slap lines kept evolving, as if it were a simple fingerstyle R&B or blues bass line. His slap technique showed up as a flawless extension of his musicality. The,n again, what would you expect from the touring bassist for brilliant composer Meshell NdegéOocello?" - Bryan Beller

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Bass Player - February 2009 - Review of David Dyson's "Unleashed"

"Unleashed (Lo'hand Funk] For the third time in eight years, modem funk/soul bass-master David Dvson breaks away from his sideman career (currently with fellow Berklee alum and R&B royalty Lalah Hathaway among many others) to write, produce, and mix a deep collection of tunes deep in the groove." - BP Recommends

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