Bass Player - March 2002

"When MeShell NdegéOcello acknowledges that David Dyson's role is the hardest in t he band, Dyson is quick to agree. "MeShell is a per-fectionist, she can be intimidating, and if there's something she doesn't like, she'll let you know. Once you get to know how she thinks, though- and usually she thinks less is more - it's a lot easier." - David Dyson

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Bass Player - June 2007

"I RECENTLY ATTENDED THE BASS BASH, ONE OF those seven-incredible-bassists-in-one-evening concerts at the Winter NAMM show. Everyone was out-rageously good in his own way, but I was most transfixed by the jazz-funk of David Dyson. While his deep-grooving band pounded out a thumping beat, he let loose a two-minute s lap groove that left my mouth in a perfect "o." It didn't lack for pyrotechnics, but what floored me was how the rhythmic and melodic content of the slap lines kept evolving, as if it were a simple fingerstyle R&B or blues bass line. His slap technique showed up as a flawless extension of his musicality. The,n again, what would you expect from the touring bassist for brilliant composer Meshell NdegéOocello?" - Bryan Beller

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Bass Player - February 2009 - Review of David Dyson's "Unleashed"

"Unleashed (Lo'hand Funk] For the third time in eight years, modem funk/soul bass-master David Dvson breaks away from his sideman career (currently with fellow Berklee alum and R&B royalty Lalah Hathaway among many others) to write, produce, and mix a deep collection of tunes deep in the groove." - BP Recommends

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